We have been:
►providing a photo coverage service for various types of events including:

- Weddings, Engagements,
- Banquet/Dinner, Corporate and Private Parties,
- PR Marketing Events, Meetings, Conferences,
- Convention Lecture/Speaker Stage Performances,
- Theatrical, Fashion and Musical performances.
►employing our photo expertise in:

- Portraiture,
- Modeling Portfolios,
- Family Portraits,
►enjoying our specialization in developing unique art compositions some samples of which you could see in section “ART COMPOSITIONS”
►constantly developing our “Know How” on profound artistic editing methods to make it available for our clients (see some samples in “Portfolio/Weddings/Conventional+Artistic Editing" gallery). It is usually ordered for wedding books and best artistic images etc. Available at extra charge.
►taking work orders from other photographers to develop their images using our techniques.

►maintaining an operation of our online picture store which you can visit by clicking on “PICTURE SHOP” in the main menu. Here you can order:
- prints,
- showcases,
- apparel,
- canvas wraps,
- standouts,
- greeting cards,
- fotoflots,
- other products;
Please see “Help for page#1” and “Help for page#2” here or in FAQ/About "Picture Shop" for info how to order.
►Before and after the photo shoot, all consultation is done over the phone or email, so that there's no need to schedule in-person consultations or proof-viewings that would take your free time away from your family’s needs. Every client has a private password-protected gallery on our web site showcasing their portraits. The website galleries provide convenient and secure online ordering, so that the clients can forward a link and a password to their families and friends around the world. The loved ones can then order their own pictures and gifts shipped directly to their houses.
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