During the Wedding we usually have both. When it is appropriate we ask people to collaborate with us and it becomes like a photo session. If not, we just silently observe and make a photo journalistic “notes” which usually pick up the best moments of our client’s events. That is why we consider a Wedding as a HYBRID type being somewhere in between an Event photo shoot and a Session photo shoot. And our prices reflect that.
In Toronto, Canada, our terms are as following:
1 photographer - 160$ per hour. (There might be 2 photographers available at the time for the same price, but not guaranteed.) A minimum order for 4 hours is a must. A half an hour increment is in effect after first 4 hours for further prolongation. Best images selected will be color corrected. Only edited photos will be given to our client. A minimum order for 150 edited images among selected is a must. 50 images increment is in effect when a number of images ordered is more than 150. Your approximate calculation of a minimal charge for 4 hours work might look like this:
Example#1: with 150 edited photos -> 640$(for photographer’s work)+150x5$(for editing artist’s work)= 1390$+tax.
Example#2: 8 hours coverage with 250 edited photos -> 1280$(for photographer’s work)+250x5$(for editing artist’s work)= 2530$+tax.
Example#2: 8 hours coverage with 400 edited photos -> 1280$(for photographer’s work)+400x5$(for editing artist’s work)= 3280$+tax.
This payment formula is well fit for weddings and similar.
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