►You pay for the work of 2 people - your photographer and an artist who edits(corrects colors) your photo images afterwards(not to mention a photographer’s assistant when available). Their combined efforts produce the result known and addressed to as a digital “Photograph”. Editing is an essential part of a digital photography today and as such takes a lot of time and labor. To be completely transparent about that - it is where a big portion of your payment goes to. Our editing artist charges 20$ per hour for the high volume bulk order. It takes around 15 minutes for him to do a high quality color and tone correction of each photograph (known as Conventional Editing). Not a lot at all, you might say. And you will be right. But at the same time, it transforms into 5$ additional charge for each photograph and into 2500$ to edit, let’s say, 500 photos of your wedding collection. That is the reason why the price tag of a wedding goes to a price level where it stands these days.
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