HELP for page #1.
Within this page you might click on:
1)a picture’s icon to enlarge it and to go to another page(page #2).
2)“Show All” below all photos on the page to see all available photos right away.
3)”SlideShow” at the right/top corner of the page to watch full screen SlideShow with music.
4) transparent circle “Select” within every photo’s field to select and save one or more photos to purchase them all together at the end of your shopping tour.
5)”Buy” at the right/top corner of the page to buy one time download of selected photos’ originals from our website or to view a list of all photo – related products available for purchase. Click on the “New Product for … photos” option of the menu window appeared. “Select Product” window will then be open where all products are divided into categories. Prior to selecting any products, select your country or region by clicking on “Shipping to … (change)” at the top right of the window. The matter is that the products’ availability depends on the country where the product is needed to be shipped to. If the product is available for shipping to your country, it will be delivered right to your designated address. Having checked if the “shipping location” corresponds to your country, start selecting a product from the list provided.
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